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Call Budgettranslations Translation Agency at: (323) 207-7417 for a top quality translation of your German text into Polish. You can also send us an e-mail to: e-mail. We can deliver top quality and fast service like no other agency. How are we different? All our translators are certified and are native Polish speakers. In addition, all our translators are specialized in a certain subject area. We work with many translators, including technical, medical, literary, and legal translators.

Common History

We can translate any German text into Polish, no matter what subject area. We can guarantee you that the translator who works on your translation project is knowledgeable about the subject area of your text. This includes employment agreements, housing permits, vehicle papers, texts about company policy and others. Our translators stay up to date on EU laws. We also have specialists in German and Polish history who can translate your texts relating to that area. The history of Germany and Poland together dates back more than a thousand years. We are also fast workers: Our network of translators is so extensive that we can find the right man or woman for your translation project in no time at all.

Just As Affordable As Other Comparable Translation Agencies

Nevertheless, the translation services of Budgettranslations Translation Agency are just as affordable as other, comparable translation agencies. You only have to pay $ 0.16 per word to receive a top quality translation. Simply take your text and count the number of words it contains. Then calculate how much your Polish translation will cost. You can also e-mail your document to e-mail. Or, you can fill in the quote request form on the right. Would you like a more detailed offer? Simply call us at (323) 207-7417. Our project managers will be happy to assist you.

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