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Webshop for certified translation of official documents

Do you have a birth certificate or other official document that must have a certified translation for the USCIS or other organization? It’s easy with Fasttranslator.com!

You are invited to use our online 24/7 online shop for certified translations. You can find it here.

Certified translation webshop

Step one: Lookup your document in our database by selecting the issuing country and the name of the document.

Certified translation webshop choose notarization or letterhead

Step two: Reduce cost by selecting ‘letterhead only’, for example. Or have your translation notarized.

Cheap certified translation webshop delivery overnight or via email

Step three: Select how and where we should send your translation.

All you have to do is specify what document you need to have translated and upload an image of the document. The ordering system will show you our best rate. After payment, you’ll receive the certified translation in PDF or hardcopy.

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