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'Simplified Chinese' for business in China

'Simplified Chinese' is the written language for business in China

You can request a free quote for your Chinese translation by sending your text to our team of project managers. You will receive a free quote without obligation.

The price of a Chinese translation

Our translation agency offers competitive rates. Our translation rates for Chinese are considerably lower than those of other translation agencies, thanks partly to our good relationships with our Chinese translators and partly because we do not have any hidden costs.

Speed and quality

Budgettranslations is designed to translate at a nominal speed while giviing you an inexpensive budget to work with. We will assign your translation exclusively to a Chinese native speaker who have recently graduated from their translation studies. They are hardworking and are willing to pay attention and go the extra mile while researching your project. They will provide you with a good translation while making sure it is accurate and error free.

Request a free quote now for your translation

For more information about our translation agency, our specialized areas and our methods, please visit our website. It contains information about how to request a certified Chinese translation, and about other languages we offer. You can also reach us by email.

Of course, you can call us or drop by our office!

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