Professional translation service in Sweden!

Dutch is a lot like Swedish. But not really. That’s why you involve a professional translation service for translating your text and documents into Swedish. And, if possible, a translation agency that has an office in Sweden. That’s Budgettranslations translation agency.

Fast and affordable

Budgettranslations translation agency is the fastest and fastest growing translation agency in Europe. Now we also have a branch office in Stockholm. We aren’t any more expensive than our colleagues who work from the Netherlands. Find out just how affordable we are. Request a price quote from us by filling in the quote request form on the right. You can also e-mail us your Dutch text. Would you like to know immediately how much your Swedish translation will cost? Please call us at 011 46 8 5809 7877. You will receive a competitively priced quote from us right away. Of course, you can also call our office in New York at

Specialists in a number of areas

Fast delivery and a low price go hand in hand with our services! You also don’t have to skimp on quality either, as long as you assign your Dutch – Swedish translation to the translation services of Budgettranslations translation agency. From our office in Stockholm, we maintain relationships with a broad network of translators who are specialized in many different subject areas. This means that the person who translates your text is not only a certified translator, he or she also has expertise in the subject area related to your text.

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Translation Service Dutch – Swedish

We work with translators with expertise in tourism, weather and climate, automotive (Saab! Volvo!), sports, industry, politics, history, fashion and music (Abba!), nature and the environment, product durability, art and culture. There is no subject area too extraordinary! You can be sure we have a translator specialized in your subject area. Please contact us at: 011 46 8 5809 7877 of New York: for any questions you may have. Our project managers in Stockholm also speak Dutch and English.