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At first glance, Dutch looks similar to Swedish. But it isn’t really. This is why you have a professional translation service translate your text into Swedish. And, if possible, a translation agency with an office in Sweden. That is the Budgettranslations Translation Agency.

Fast and Affordable

Budgettranslations translation agency is the quickest and fastest growing translation agency in Europe. Now, we also have an office in Stockholm, Sweden. We are no more expensive than others who handle Swedish translations from the Netherlands. Therefore, request a free price quote by filling in the quote request form on the right. You can also e-mail your text to e-mail. Would you like to know right away how much a Swedish translation will cost? Simply call our office: 011 46 8 1241 0633. We will provide you with a competitive price right away. However, if you prefer, you can call our office in New York at (323) 207-7417

Expertise in Many Subject Areas

Speed and low pricing work well together! But you do not need to skimp on quality, especially if you are having your text translated into Swedish by our Budgettranslations translation service. We manage a broad network of translators with expertise in many different subject areas from our office in Stockholm. This means that your text will not only be translated by a qualified translator, but by a translator who has expertise in the subject area pertaining to your text.

We work with translators who specialize in tourism, the weather and climate, automotive (Saab! Volvo), sports, manufacturing, politics, history, fashion and camp (Abba!), nature and the environment, sustainability, art and culture. There is no subject area so strange that we cannot handle with the necessary expertise. Please contact us at: 011 46 8 1241 0633 or New York: (323) 207-7417 for any questions or requests. Our staff in Stockholm also speaks English.

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