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Translation of annual reports

Fasttranslator has a large number of translators of various languages with a broad background in finance. We can provide accurate and professional translations of annual company reports, quarterly statements, and audit reports. Because these documents are usually confidential, please let us know if you need a signed confidentiality agreement (NDA) before you send us the documents for translation.

Translation project management

The translation of annual reports and statements requires stringent management. An annual report is not a stand-alone document, it is related to annual reports from prior years. Therefore, we would appreciate receiving previous translations of similar documents. After all, annual reports that you cannot compare to prior years provide insufficient insight into the financial performance of a company.

Not just financial information

Larger companies are subject to stringent financial information disclosure requirements. The federal securities laws require publicly traded companies to disclose information on an ongoing basis and to file quarterly and annual financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission on forms 10-Q and 10-K respectively. Each publicly traded company is also required to publish on its website its 10-K Annual Report, which discloses the company's annual financial performance. To gain the trust of their shareholders, business partners, other stakeholders, and the public, companies publish a variety of reports on various aspects of business performance in addition to financial performance. These reports reflect, among other things, performance and accomplishments in the areas of product safety, quality and integrity, marketing and innovation, community support, workplace rights, and environmental protection.

Our translations meet the standards

Our translators are familiar with US and European regulations on reporting. They have broad knowledge of US-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), IAS (International Accounting Standards), and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

GRI translations (global reporting initiative)

GRI is an international independent organization that helps businesses, governments, and other organizations understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues, including but not limited to climate change, human rights, and corruption. GRI provides the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting and disclosure standards that enable businesses, governments, and society as a whole to make better decisions based on information that matters. Today, 93% of the world’s largest 250 corporations issue reports on their sustainability performance.

Our translators are familiar with the terminology and standards that these organizations set.

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