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We will provide you with the best translation for the best price in no time at all. Our office in Vienna manages a network of certified translators with German as their native language. Therefore, you can be sure that your English – German translation is in capable hands. All of our translators have expertise in their own subject areas where they have a broad range of experience. Our Austrian translators know the idiosyncrasies of the German language as it is spoken and written in Austria. All these elements ensure top-quality translations. But, they don’t have to be expensive. Please call or e-mail your English source text. You can also fill in the quote request form. You will then receive a competitively priced quote within the hour on business days.

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Thanks to the software that has been specifically developed for our translation company we have been able to fully automate our administrative and invoicing processes. This keeps the costs down and allows us to concentrate all our efforts on your translation project. Our approach to business has made our translation agency the fastest and fastest growing translation agency in the U.S.. Abroad, we have ten offices throughout the EU alone. They are located in areas with a lot of economic, political and cultural activity. Vienna is one of these places: the city of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. Our German language project managers at our Vienna office are very knowledgeable about the idiosyncrasies of Austrian German, the history and modern-day Austria. We deliver our work on time and believe that a promise is a promise. Would you like to receive more information or a price quote? Simply call us!

Skilled Native Speakers

Austrian Standard German is a variety of German that is spoken by 89 percent of the Austrian population. It is also spoken by the majority of the population of South Tyrol, a largely self-governing province in northern Italy. There are currently around 8.5 million native Austrian German speakers in the world. The varieties of Standard German spoken in Germany and Austria are mutually intelligible, and they differ in much the same way as British and American English. Many Austrians also speak regional dialects of Upper German such as Austro-Bavarian and Alemannic. These dialects are extremely difficult for Germans from other regions to understand.

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We work with masters of every language on Earth, including every type of German spoken in Austria. We only hire native speakers with the education and experience necessary to generate perfect translations. If your translation project requires expert knowledge of a certain subject area, we have plenty of specialists on hand that can meet your needs. Our legal translators can provide you with translations of documents such as wills, legal correspondences, patents, and liability agreements. We can also handle medical texts, marketing materials, technical manuals, business translations, and virtually any other specialized project.

Our 4,000 translators work evenings and weekends and translate more than 200,000 words each day. The size and skill level of our network allows us to complete texts of any length within an impressive time frame. If your text is relatively short, we can typically translate it in a matter of hours. We take deadlines seriously, and you never have to worry about any complications or delays. If you have any questions during the translation process, you can contact your project manager at any time. Our project managers closely monitor the projects that are assigned to them, and they can provide any information or updates that you may need.

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We have offices located in the Austrian cities of Vienna and Graz. We also have agencies in the U.S. and many other countries across the globe. If you need a translation that involves Austrian and any other languages, send us your text now. One of our project managers will send you a free quote within the hour. Our translation technology and low operating costs allow us to provide our services at a competitive price, and there are no hidden charges. You can send your text via fax, email, or the convenient quote request form on our website.

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