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How do we guarantee the best translation into English?

By choosing to have your text translated by a highly reputable translation agency like Budgettranslations, you are indicating the importance that your target audience fully understand the text in its right context.

Did you know that there are significant differences in a universal language like English, depending on the geographical areas where English is spoken?

Therefore, at Budgettranslations you can choose to have your text localized to the target audience.

Besides the fact that we only use translators who are knowledgeable about your subject area and specialized in the topic of your text, we can also localize your translation to the target nationality of the recipient or audience of your text.

Is the recipient British? Simply ask the project manager to select a native British English translator for your project. Is the recipient an American? We can have your text translated by an American translator.

Perhaps the nationality of the recipient or target audience of your text is of no specific importance, however, you still require an English translation of the utmost quality. In this case, we will select the most specialized translator for your subject area, without specifically considering the translator’s native country. In this way, you can be sure of a perfect translation that will set the right tone for your international customers for example. Of course, we will always assign your English translations to translators whose native language is English.

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