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Our legal team translates your legal documents right down to the fine print. Our translators have a professional background in translation as well as knowledge of legal terminology. Your legal text is in good hands at our translation agency. You can also rely on us for an apostille from the bank or the necessary stamps and seals for sworn translations.

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Translators educated in law will take care of your translation project

A translation for legal purposes must not contain any errors and must be a completely accurate rendition of the original document. Since our legal translators only work on legal documents, we do not have to hire external expertise, which is reflected in the price. For example, when we translate a contract, deed, or a decision handed down from the court, you will not have to pay much for the most common languages.


Take into account that a single translator can translate no more than 2,000 words a day in this field. If you have a very urgent or large document, we will assign the translation to a team of translators. The time cycle for legal translation work is somewhat longer than for other types of translation work. Since our translators also work in the evenings and on weekends, you can be sure that our delivery times will be shorter than other translation agencies. Our translation agency is open daily from 8:00 AM am until 5:00 PM pm.

Translation Project References

The translations we handle for our clients are often confidential in nature. Therefore, we do not disclose the names of our clients without their approval. If desired, you can request a list of references and one of our senior project managers will send you a list of clients who have given their approval to disclose their names. This list contains a number of law offices, legal institutions and reputable companies.

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If you would like to receive a quote from our translation agency right away, please fax or e-mail your text to us. Our fax number is listed on the menu and you can send an e-mail to e-mail. You will quickly receive a competitive and personalized price quote from us.

Legal translations

Budgettranslations translation agency has been a market leader in legal translations for many years. Whether you need a translation of a contract, employment agreement, service contract, rental agreement, deeds, patents, statutes, a police report, court reports or a free loan agreement, we will handle that for you. Therefore, you can be sure that your (confidential) documents will be translated at the highest possible level of quality.

Juridische vertalingen door professionele juridisch vertalers

Hoogwaardige juridische vertalingen

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For more information about our translation agency, our specialties and our methods, please see the different areas of our website. There you can read how to request a sworn translation or see which other languages we offer and more.

Author: Mariana Mellor, Senior Project Manager

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