About the French language

French is one of the languages that originated from Latin. These languages together are referred to as the Roman languages. French became an important language in Africa thanks to the French colonies that popped up in large parts of Africa during the 19th century. French was the language of the elitists in Europe for a long time. At that time, many French words made their way into the Dutch language. French is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and one of the 21 official languages of the European Union.

French facts

Countries where French is spoken: French, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada and many countries in Africa.

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The French language

Approximately 130,000,000 people are native French speakers. The www.academie-francaise.fr French Institute governs the rules for the French language.

The French alphabet is Roman and the language is categorized as follows: Indo-European ---> Roman- --> Gallic. A language that is strongly related to French is Corsican. The following languages are also related to a somewhat lesser degree: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Romanian and Papiamento.