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Budgettranslations translation agency has been providing clients with professional French to English translations for over 23 years. Although our agency deals with all language combinations, French to English translations are one of our most common requests. All our translators are native speakers of the target language, which means a French to English translation will only be done by a native English speaker. This guarantees the translation will flow in a natural style, containing the correct grammar and sentence structure.

Specialist translators in different fields

Our translators are highly qualified and each specialises in a specific subject. When we select a translator for a text, we always match the text with a translator who has in-depth knowledge of its subject. This makes an enormous difference to the quality of the translation and ensures that all the correct terminologies are used. Our legal translators are either studying law or have a specialist diploma in legal translations. Our marketing translators are linguists who write with a flowing style and know how to engage their audience. We also have technical translators, scientists, political experts, financial translators and many, many more. Please call us on (020) 3807 4476 for more information.

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Although quality is our priority, we also do our best to provide translations at a reasonable price. Our word rate of £ 0.13 means we are one of the most affordable translation agencies around. You can calculate roughly how much your translation will cost by multiplying the word count of your document by the above price per word, but we are often able to offer discounts from our standard prices, so please send us your document to receive an accurate quote.

To send us your document, please follow the three simple steps using the quote form on the right or email it directly to us. A quotation will appear in your inbox soon after, usually within a couple of hours on business days.

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If you would like to speak with one of our friendly project managers, please call our London office on (020) 3807 4476. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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