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Our Project Managers in Vienna have been working with the same translators for more than a decade. We know their strenghts and availability and our tight-knit relationship enables us to get last minute texts translated with ease.

Please call +43 1 229 7320 for more information. We also have Fasttranslator branches located around the world and our colleauges give us access to the very best translators in these other countries. A sophisticated internal platform connects all our offices, so we benefit from each others’ resources while maintaing the personalised service in our individual city offices.

Experts in all subjects

Our enormous database of more than 5,000 professional translators contains experts for all subjects and in all language combinations. Each translator has a specifc area in which they specialise, having either previous work experience, extra education or a passion for the subject. Their in-depth knowledge of the subject ensures the correct terminology and phraseology is used. We have legal specialists, financial, medical, technical and IT translators, marketing experts who write with a natural, flowing stlye and specialists in almost any other subject.

Native speaking translators

We work exclusively with translators who are native speakers of the target language. The translators live in the country where their language is spoken which means the language used will be current, taking into account regional, cultural and language nuances.

The best possible translation and fast

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quotation or perhaps some expert translation advice: +43 1 229 7320. For a free, no-obligation quote please email us the text which needs translating or upload it on the right of this page. Our friendly project managers will do their best to get a quotation back to you within the hour on working days.

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