In meetings between various nationalities, on-the-spot translation is often required. We provide top- quality interpreter services to meet any of your possible requirements. Our translation agency boasts its own interpreter services company: www.budgettranslations.com, organising experienced interpreters for conventions, meetings, court cases and weddings in several language combinations. We will always select the most suitable interpreter for your occasion and make all the arrangements on your behalf, ensuring you have an ultimately successful interpreter session.

How much does an interpreter cost?

Our interpreting services are charged by the hour. This hourly rate depends on various things, like the duration of the assignment, the language combination, the session subject and the distance to be travelled by the interpreter. The price will also vary if you need things like an interpreter booth, microphones or any other equipment. Our project managers would be more than happy to provide you with a quotation. Please send an email to email or call us in London on 020-3468 4377 or in The Netherlands on: 020-3468 4377 +.

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How much does an interpreter cost?
United Kingdom How much does an interpreter cost?
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