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The Greek language

Greek is an ancient language. By deciphering the Mycenaean writing (the Linear B, found on clay tablets in settlements from the Mycenaean era), it was officially verified that Greek had been around since the 15th century before Christ. The development of Greek pronunciation did not take place concurrently with written Greek. The pronunciation of various letters and letter combinations evolved over time. Greek spelling, however, was never adjusted in line with those changes. This resulted in Greek spelling being somewhat complicated. For example, Greek has five ways to spell the ‘ie’ sound. Nevertheless, this will not lead to a drastic simplification of the spelling any time soon, because many consider it to symbolise the awe-inspiring age of the Greek language.

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Our translators, who only ever translate into their native language, cover a range of areas. For example, we provide legal, technical, creative, marketing, scientific, IT and medical translations, to list a few. Once we have approval to proceed, we pinpoint the perfect translator for the job, which guarantees a translation of the highest quality in which all the correct terminology is used.

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