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Accurate and fast German – French translation

Do you need the best translation possible from German into French? Contact Budgettranslations general translation agency at (323) 207-7417. Our translation work stands out thanks to its accuracy and fast delivery. And, for a price per word of only $ 0.16 there is no reason not to do it. Take your German text and calculate how much your French translation will cost. You can also complete the quote request form on this page. Would you like a detailed price offer? Simply e-mail your German text to e-mail.

The Frenchman’s French

We are one of the few translation agencies that has offices in a number of European countries. We have our office in Paris for French translations. From this office we maintain an extensive network of certified translators who live in France and are native French speakers. This means that your German text will be translated by someone who is knowledgeable of the present day, Frenchman’s French.

Specialized in different subject areas

However, we don’t limit ourselves to every-day French. We also have translators in our database who are specialized in different subject areas. We work with legal, medical and literary translators. We also have translators who are knowledgeable about politics, economics, sports (doping!), tourism, traffic and transportation, culinary subjects (wine?), the environment, the EU, fashion design and others. We are sure that your subject is also included (323) 207-7417. Our German – French project managers are happy to help you. They also speak Dutch and English.

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