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Beverage technology is a technical science and a sub-sector of the food industry or process technology that requires absolute accuracy in document translations. That’s why we hold our translations to the same high quality standards as the beverage industry.

In order for us to be able to guarantee you the best result every time, we work exclusively with experienced, native-speaking translators. We attach additional importance to the translator’s subject area experience within the beverage technology field.

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Translations in the field of beverage technology

Beverage technology: 5,000 years of history

At first glance, beverage technology seems to be a relatively young science. This is misleading, however; the oldest examples of beverage technology, such as the production of wine or beer and the treatment of spirits using the burning process, date back 5,000 years.

Manufacturing processes were kept within families and passed down from generation to generation. During the middle ages, monasteries used this knowledge and developed it further. It wasn’t until much later, starting in the 17th century, that the next step followed – the commercial production of non-alcoholic drinks such as mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juices, and root beer, as well as new mixtures of wine and beer.

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From development to consulting

A degree in beverage production qualifies you to work in breweries, malting plants, for fruit juice manufacturers, or in facilities that produce soft drinks and spirits. The range of many different application possibilities includes the development of new products, the processes of production planning and control, preparing reports, and advisory activities. Some of our translators have completed degrees in the field.

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