Budgettranslations Management Summary

Budgettranslations is a translation agency that qualifies itself as a translation partner based on the following attributes:

Financially sound company

Budgettranslations is debt-free and has always met its financial obligations. The company has undergone a strong, organic and controlled average growth of 60% a year since 2000. This growth has been financed by the company’s own resources.

The Budgettranslations client base consists of hundreds of public and private institutions, companies, and people. The company serves customers in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, and France.

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Management Summary

Operations / quality

Budgettranslations and its subsidiaries have extensive experience in translating from and into all world languages. We have expertise available in all subject areas. In particular, we have proven experience with medical, legal, marketing, and technical texts.

Our project managers are experienced, knowledgeable, and multilingual. They are selected based on their ability to think outside the box.

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The company highly values good logistics. Data management and confidentiality are a priority. All our systems are programed to ensure continuity. In an emergency situation, we can quickly divert to other sites.

Through the use of proprietary software that has been developed in-house for project management, financial administration, and invoicing, we can meet practically all specific reporting and invoicing needs.

Rates / collaboration

We combine good quality at the lowest rate. We have our eye on cost savings and expect that our efficient approach and competitive prices will form the basis for a good and long collaboration. We look forward to that.

Background information Budgettranslations


Budgettranslations is one of the fastest growing language service providers, with offices and clients in many countries in Europe and the United States. Our Company headquarters is located in California.

As of mid 2000, we have evolved into an innovative and major player in terms of translation work in all subject areas and in more than 115 languages. Since 2003, we have also concentrated our efforts on clients outside the United States. More than 50% of our revenues are earned outside the United States. The main part of this foreign income originates from Western European language markets. For 2025, we foresee further expansion in other countries.

Positioning of activities

We maintain a broad focus, delivering translations from and into all languages and in all subject areas. The translations can be delivered in spoken or written form. Our customers include private individuals, domestic and international government services, NGOs, and corporate clients from practically every industry.

The company maintains certain basic principles to ensure that each and every translation meets our standards of quality, as well as the client’s needs:

  • Each translation is completed by a native speaker. This means that translators only translate into their native language.
  • All translators have experience in their subject areas. We live by the principle that specialization = quality.
  • Our translators maintain strict confidence and are held to confidentiality in their contracts with us.

Business Model

Our business model focuses on providing the most efficient service possible to the customer. The key here is to deliver a good quality translation quickly at the lowest price.

The company uses a coordination center in Thousand Oaks, California and two, smaller coordination centers in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Cologne (Germany). The project managers at these centers handle translations for customers in the countries where we’re active. They form the only link between the customer and the translators.

The project managers work in teams. By continuously mirroring information, each project can be taken over by a different project manager at any time without causing any delays. Their job consists of maintaining contact with the customer and the translators, maintaining the terminology databases, filtering unnecessary email traffic, answering content questions, and resolving problems. They are responsible for the entire process from order acceptance through invoicing. They are also native speakers of the language spoken in the countries they work for.


Budgettranslations is very well-organized logistically due to the confidential nature of the work and adherence to strict deadlines. Security and protection of good information technology is crucial for the company. Data is stored in accordance with strict standards. The key is that the technology must strongly support the project managers so that they can concentrate on the content of the text and the customer’s needs.

Through the implementation of a proprietary project management system that has been developed in-house, as well as the efficient financial software that has been customized for the translation industry, we have a relatively small administrative unit. This unit’s job is to handle, monitor, and control.

The administrative unit in Almere facilitates all key administrative tasks for all countries where we are active. With this centralized approach, we maintain a structure of low costs. This is reflected in the fact that we’re growing organically without investments by any third party.


The company’s customer base is very vast. They vary from small to large, and we’re happy to work with all of them. The number of steady customers (three or more projects) is 10,000.

We translate a lot of official documents for our private customers. These include deeds, diplomas, and certificates. Our translations for corporate and government organizations are very diverse in nature. They vary from Arabic milk powder packaging, speeches to .NET migration reports for a national bank, and exam questions for students.

Each customer has his/her own steady team of project coordinators. They speak the customer’s language and know when it’s time to take action. Each customer is also assigned the same translators for each subject area. This ensures consistency in the texts.


Our translators work with the tools and technologies that are available to the modern-day translator. However, it’s beyond the scope of this page to delve into the details of these tools. If you’re interested in learning more about them, we’re happy to provide you with information about tools like Trados, Transit, Wordfast, DéjaVu, and SDLX.

Furthermore, our translators and project managers work with more than 50 different file formats, from XML to the Microsoft Office docx format.

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