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Our translation service has a wealth of experience in translating from and into Chinese. Our professional Chinese translators are specialized in a number of subject areas. We process financial, legal, medical, technical, marketing, and general translations, both from and into Chinese. We are also happy to translate your Dutch or any other language text into Chinese.

Chinese is not only one of the most widely spoken languages; it is currently the fastest growing language. Chinese translations are more in demand now, partly due to the economic growth in Asia. There are different Chinese languages, but generally Chinese refers to Mandarin. We have a large number of Mandarin translators in our database, but we also have professional translators available in other Chinese languages.

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All our Chinese translators are specialized in their own subject areas. Therefore, if you have a smooth, easy to read text for a brochure, newsletter, or website, we will call upon a translator who has a smooth and easy to read writing style, as well as those who work as copywriters. We also have the right translator available for all your official documents, like business agreements for example. These types of translation projects for China have grown considerably over the past few years, and we are staying on top of this trend.

Saving costs

For translations from Dutch into Chinese, it might be more favorable to you to first have your text translated into English and then from English into Chinese by an experienced English-Chinese translator. This also holds true for Chinese into Dutch translations, whereby the Chinese text is first translated into English and then into Dutch. The advantage of this method is that your translation will be handled by a translator who lives and works in the target language area. The other advantage is that you will also have an English version for no extra charge. This option is not always possible. It depends on the subject of your text. Would you like to know whether this method can be applied to your text, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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