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Translating an employee handbook

Practically all companies have an employee handbook these days. These handbooks contain a company’s important rules and procedures, including information about pension plans, salary structures, the rules pertaining to absenteeism, and even critical employee agreement templates.

Since more and more foreign employees are being hired today, many companies choose to have their employee handbook translated into another language. We can accomplish this task for you.

Our translators have experience with human resources policies – some even have a degree in it. The advantage of using the services of a translator experienced in human resources is that they are up-to-date on the ever-changing laws and corresponding terminology in this area. And it’s essential that your HR documents be accurate with regard to the latest labor laws.

Common HR terms such as “FMLA,” “HIPAA,” “ERISA,” and others require more than simply looking for the Spanish equivalent. The translator chooses the best translation for you with input from the project manager. Sometimes, we will include a brief explanation in the translation. After all, it is of no benefit to your employees if they don’t understand the text. We will provide comments or remarks along with the translation so that you can understand the nuances we have added as a result of the differences in labor laws.

Besides employee handbooks, we have experience translating all other types of HR documents, including resumes and job applications.

If you email us your employment contract, assessment report, psychological profile, acceptance letter, job application, resume, or summary of working conditions, we will send you a no-obligation, competitive price quote straight away. Please specify the target language.

Working with translation memories

Because we have translated large numbers of employee handbooks, we can use our database of pre-translated texts wisely and provide you with a better discount than other translation services providers.

Please send us your text to be translated via email or call us today for your quote.

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