Translations of employment agreements, employer references / certificates

Are you an international company, or are you planning to start operations at the international level? In order to be successful when doing business internationally, you have to rely on the help of qualified people in those markets. Not only must they possess the necessary professional knowledge and qualifications as native speakers, they must also have an exceptional knowledge of that language.

Often, an employment agreement needs to be translated into the new employee’s language (usually English or Spanish) so that it becomes a legally valid document abroad. It’s essential that the translation of the employment agreement completely matches the original document.

Once the employment relationship has ended, many employees request a reference in English or other global language, which also has to be translated, while keeping the target language and culture-specific standards in mind. Word choice is crucial! It can mean the difference between a positive and a negative response to a reference.

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Translations of employment agreements and employer references / certificates

Translating employment agreements and references into many languages, including Spanish and French, is all in a day’s work for us. Our translators live in their native countries and are well-versed in Human Resources and HRM. They have years of professional experience as translators and possess ample knowledge of human resource management. They are ready to provide you with high quality translations.

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