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Key features of a modern economy are change and flexibility, and translation is in demand today more than ever. It is important to realize that business transaction, trade relations, and all areas of science function on an international level today. This kind of diversity in communication requires a high degree of competence in dealing with various languages. We can therefore offer you quality translations from German to Afrikaans. Afrikaans, also known as "West" or "Dutch colonial", is one of the eleven official languages in South Africa, as well as a minority language in Namibia. We take over for you and provide correct translations both in content and in meaning from German to Afrikaans with departments. Also, translations into other languages are not a problem for us. Give our services a try by clicking here to contact us.

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Need a German to Afrikaans translation right now, but it also has to be quality work? We have noticed ourselves up against more and more tight deadlines. It is especially true in the business sector, where deadlines sometimes pass in a few days or hours. Our competent project managers optimally have everything under control in these situations. They work with both translators and clients while being responsible for the preparation and follow-up of the translation. In addition, our project managers select the perfect translator for your project. Our optimised project structure ensures high quality translations in the shortest time. Try it out! Send us your text via the request form or by email, or contact us by phone. Get a quote from us today!

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