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The Kazakh language belongs to the Kipchak language group, a subgroup of the Turkic languages. More than 11 million people in the world speak Kazakh, primarily in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, China, and Mongolia. In Kazakhstan itself, Kazakh is the official language.

Three dialects

The Kazakh language consists of three different dialect groups that correspond to the three respective tribal associations of the Kazakh people. Northeast-Kazakh is spoken in northeastern Kazakh, in the area of so-called “Middle Jüz” in the central and northeastern part of Kazakhstan. Today's modern Kazakh literary language developed from northeastern Kazakhstan.

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West Kazakhs speak a West-Kazakhstan dialect. It’s spoken in the region of the Little or Younger Jüz, which lies in the west of Kazakhstan and in parts of neighboring Turkmenistan.

Finally, there is a South Kazakhstani dialect spoken by the people in the area of the Larger or Older Jüz in southern Kazakhstan, as well as parts of nearby Uzbekistan and the Uighur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang.

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Since before World War II, many Kazakh intellectuals received their higher education in Azerbaijan, so the vocabulary of Kazakh in the pre-war period was full of numerous expressions and phrases from Azerbaijani.

The written language

To communicate in writing, the ancestors of the Kazakhs in the early Middle Ages used the old Tatar alphabet. Later, Kazakhs wrote in Chagatai. The characters of the two languages correspond to the Arabic alphabet.

Immediately before the war, the modern Kazakh literary language was finally formed. Officials decided to introduce Latin as the official foundation of the Kazakh language. Today, Kazakh is written in an alphabet that’s similar to Cyrillic. However, there are also Kazakhs who use the Latin or even the Arabic alphabet to communicate in writing.

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