Accurate Translations into and from Sorani Kurdish

Sorani is a Central Kurdish dialect and is one of the two official languages of Iraq, along with Arabic. It’s spoken mainly in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as the Kurdistan province of Western Iran by five million speakers and uses a modified Kurdish Arabic alphabet script. Sorani also uses Kurdish Latin and Turkish Latin alphabet scripts.

If you need a high quality translation from or into Sorani, you have found the perfect translation agency. We employ native-speaking translators who can accurately translate your texts. Our specialists know the language and the culture of Sorani very well.

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Kurdish (Sorani)

Beyond traditional translations, we also offer a number of additional services which add value to your translation. These include, for example, express translations and notarization.

We also have experts in the field of language technology and terminology management who can handle even the most technologically complex and challenging assignment. We offer Desktop Publishing Services as well, so that your translation can have exactly the same layout as the original.

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Expert Translators in Your Field/Industry

Each of our translators is not only trained in the art of translation, but they are also experienced in at least one subject area. We have doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, and businesspeople who also work as translators. So, within our huge network, we can match you with a translator who will understand your subject matter very well. In this way, we ensure that your translation is accurate and easily understood by your targeted readers.

It also isn’t unusual for us to provide certified or notarized translations. We might, for example, translate a Sorani Kurdish birth certificate or medical license into English for immigration officials in the U.S. or elsewhere.

Contact our project managers today for more information – via email, phone, or the contact form. Once we see your text, we can provide a no-obligation quote for your project.

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