Persian (Farsi) Translations by Native Translators

The Persian language is spoken by just under 80 million people around the world. It’s predominantly used in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, but also in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, and Iraq.

History of the Persian Language

The Persian language evolved from Old Persian, the official language of the Achaemenid Empire. Old Persian texts in cuneiform script have survived on ancient stone tablets and the remains of ancient buildings.

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Middle Persian was spoken mostly in northern Afghanistan. It was grammatically simpler than Old Persian and served as the official language of the Sassanid Empire during the same time period. It was written in Aramaic, which differentiated its script from the L-to-R cuneiform script of Old Persian.

After the conquest of Persia by the Arabs, Middle Persian was lost. At the end of the first Millennium, New Persian emerged as the international standard language in Southwestern Asia and Central Asia. Its oldest written documents exist in Hebrew writing.

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Written Persian

Since the Persian language has many dialects and vernaculars, the relationship between some of these dialects and the official Persian language is sometimes difficult to identify. The Persian language is also known as Farsi-Dari. Farsi is the widely spoken Persian language, and Dari is the New Persian literary language. Farsi and Tajik are almost identical.

Many famous poets and scientists wrote in the Persian language, and the Persian alphabet is a modified version of the Arabic alphabet, which was expanded by four letters and slightly modified for use in Persian. The Persian-Arabic alphabet was initially introduced in in Iran in the middle of the first Millennium A.D.

Similarly to Arabic script, the Persian script reads R-to-L. Some Central Asian languages, such as the Kazakh language, and Indian languages, such as Sindhi and Punjabi, also use the Persian alphabet.

The Persian language contains many loanwords from Arabic. Recently, however, there has been evidence of loanwords from English, French, Russian, Turkish and Mongol.

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