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Each year, the US observes an inflation rate that decreases the savings of citizens. It would therefore make sense to invest your money in a way that could offset this inflation rate. The financial investment market is currently bustling with many and not always reputable players. Offerings range all the way from stakes in gold and diamond mines, soy beans, teak wood, and up to renewable energies. Many investors have become leery in light of the multitude of offerings and, as a result, are becoming increasingly skeptical of investment opportunities associated with renewable energies.

Renewable energy: a trend for investors as well

The fossil fuels oil, natural gas, and coal are being depleted little by little. At the same time, their use is known to be harmful to the environment in that it leads to excessive smog in certain areas and contributes to global warming. Nuclear energy as a solution has proven to be difficult. There have been repeated hazardous incidents, atomic power plants are possible targets for terrorist attacks, and the problem regarding the disposal of radioactive waste from fuel rods and other contaminated materials has yet to be solved. Renewable energies such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are highly popular and of increasing interest to investors. On a planet where these resources are endless, they hold the future of energy production.

The advantages and disadvantages

Renewable energies continue to gain momentum, therefore causing them to trend in the market. They are clean and innovative and set the stage for new technological development in the solar panel industry and energy storage systems, for example. This awards them substantial potential for growth and innovation. Anyone investing in renewable energies can, at least in theory, expect high rates of return. In addition, he/she would also be investing in advanced and clean technologies that make the Earth cleaner. The disadvantage of investing in renewable energies is the fact that they are largely at the mercy of political interests and power coalitions. Following suit are considerable consequences regarding subsidies for renewable energy resources. As a result, the financial position and liquidity of affected companies are often rendered unstable. Due to the fact that even the final consumers, who, for example, decide to purchase solar panels, are strongly affected by political indecisiveness regarding financial support for construction projects of this kind, the company’s order situation is not always constant, which can lead to liquidity shortages. There have already been some companies in the solar industry quite recently affected by bankruptcy which carries dire consequences for investors. In addition, the competition from low wage countries such as China and India is putting pressure on the market with cheap offers.

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