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As the first language of more than 400 million people worldwide, Spanish has more native speakers than any other language except Mandarin. Mexico has the most native speakers, and Spanish is also the primary language throughout most of South America and Central America.

In the Eastern Hemisphere, Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in Spain and Equatorial Guinea. There are also large populations of Spanish speakers in other countries, including more than 44 million native speakers in the United States.

Our Translators

We work with freelance Spanish translators located all over the world. Whether you need a translator who specializes in Puerto Rican Spanish, Dominican Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Peruvian Spanish, European Spanish, or any other regional variety, we have plenty of qualified candidates for the job. Our diverse network of language specialists can translate English, French, and every other major language into Spanish or vice versa. We only work with native speakers, so you can have full confidence in the accuracy and authenticity of the document you’ll receive.

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We provide general translation services and handle a wide range of specialty subjects. Once we define the subject expertise that’s needed to reach your goals, we select a translator who has mastered the required field.

We work with specialists in medical, technical, financial, and marketing translations, as well as legal translators. We typically translate emails and other short correspondences within a day, and we can translate longer texts such as magazines and books.

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Regardless of the type of project, our turnaround times are always impressive. Our Spanish translators work evenings and weekends, so you never have to worry about delays or missed deadlines.

Examples of Recent Projects

  • Employee Handbook for a chain of restaurants and web pages for their internal HR system;
  • Certified and notarized translation of birth certificates from Mexico into English for U.S. immigration purposes;
  • Over 70,000 words of legal documentation for a law firm in New York in just two days. We had to assign a team of 14 specialized legal translators and 2 project managers to maintain consistency.

More information about Spanish language variations:

How Much Does a Translation into Spanish Cost?

The standard rate for human translations from English into Spanish is $ 0.12 per word. For large texts (more than 5,000 words), we significantly reduce our rates.

For urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously, we will apply a surcharge. We do not charge extra in case you need a language variant, like Mexican Spanish, Peruvian Spanish, or European Spanish.

Our rates are always fair, and we use sophisticated translation technology to keep them as low as possible. We have numerous offices in the United States. We even have our own translation offices in Albuquerque and Barcelona, so your translation project will be in the hands of Spanish language experts from start to finish.

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If you’re in need of Spanish translation services at a competitive price, request a free quote from us today. Simply upload your document so that we can provide you with an accurate price. The quote is sent to you within the hour – at no further obligation.

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