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Tigrinya belongs to the Semitic language group, which is a member of the Afroasiatic language family. Today, there are approximately 10 million native speakers of Tigrinya, and it’s the official or working language of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Tigray (a region in the highlands of Ethiopia).

Tigrinya probably stems from an ancient Ethiopian dialect most likely spoken in the old center of the holy city of Axum. During the Italian colonial period, many words and terms from Italian were borrowed and adopted into Tigrinya.

The written language of Tigrinya

Written Tigrinya first began to develop during World War II. Up to that point, the language was only passed down orally or by using Arabic script. Only a few documents from the late 19th century – mostly translations of the Bible – have been passed down.

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The Tigrinya alphabet is made up by the so-called Ge’ez script, the writing form of an old Ethiopian-Semitic language that was closely related to Tigrinya and one other language. Ge'ez has been spoken along with Tigrinya in this geographical area since Late Antiquity and has survived to the present.

Today, Ge'ez is the official language of the Orthodox Church in this region and the common language of Ethiopian Jews. Ge'ez script is made up purely of symbols. Although it’s a Semitic script, it’s written from left.

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In this script, the symbols only denote consonants, while the subsequent vowels are written above or below the consonant or to one of its sides. There are also numerous diacritical marks.

Ancient Indian scripts have had a strong influence on Ge’ez, and that influence remains apparent even today. Only after World War II was the Ge'ez script standardized and modernized.

Today, it’s the writing form for various different languages: Tigrinya, Ge'ez, Amharic, Harari, Tigre, and other languages and dialects are spoken in that region.

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