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Budgettranslations translation agency has an enormous selection of experienced and very specialised translators at its disposal. They work as freelance translators for our agency and exclusively translate into their native language. Each one of our translators are specialised in different fields. This means we use legal translators for all legal texts, such as contracts and general terms and conditions. Translators with a medical background will be used for things like clinical trials and patient information, and translators with a technical background take care of all user instruction manuals, IT instructions and so forth. We take great care to find the right translator for each job, irrespective of whether it concerns the translation of books, contracts, magazine articles, financial reports, user instructions or the daily correspondence with your partners in Sweden.

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An incredible level of expertise where Swedish translations are concerned.

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At Budgettranslations, quality comes first. Translations can completely miss the mark if translators don’t have the right education or enough experience. We work with highly qualified professionals, who not only have years of experience, but each also specialises in a different field. Because they are experts in their field, they are familiar with the particular terminology and phrasology used, which guarantees translations of the highest quality. Our translators also aim to translate your text in a natural, flowing manner, with consideration for special language specific details.

General information about the Swedish language

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Swedish is a Scandinavian language and forms part of the Germanic language group. It is therefore also part of the Indo-European language family. Swedish isn’t just the official language of Sweden, but is also used in parts of Finland. Finland has legally established that Swedish has the same status as Finnish as an official language at national level.

Swedish is the native language of some 8.5 million people. Approximately 8 million of these live in Sweden and around 290.000 in Finland (5.5% of the population), where they represent the Swedish speaking minority.

Swedish people can communicate with Norwegian and Danish people almost effortlessly. However, there are still some regional differences. For example, while the Swedish in the South (mainly in Skåne) have little difficulty understanding Danish as a result of their Danish related dialect, the people living in West Sweden (for example in Värmland or Dalarna) have a great deal of trouble understanding Danish. These Swedes can, however, quite easily understand Norwegian.

United Kingdom An incredible level of expertise where Swedish translations are concerned.
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