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Khmer is the official language of Cambodia. It is the second most widely spoken Austroasiatic language used by approximately 16 million people. Due to geographic location and cultural influence, it is closely connected to Thai and Vietnamese dialects.

Khmer Dialects and Speech Patterns

Most Khmer speakers talk in the dialect of the central plain. In Cambodia, regional accents exist with the exception of the area's capital and Stung Treng province. Outside Cambodia, there are three other dialects spoken in parts of the historical Khmer Empire.

Khmer is an analytic language with no inflections, case endings, or conjugations. It is not tonal, and words are stressed on the last syllable. The language is written in the Khmer script and has evolved with modern features, including consonants used to write clusters.

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Professional Khmer Translations offers translators with years of experience. To provide the best translations, our experts are knowledgeable about the various dialects and can complete work quickly. Under rushed circumstances, we use multiple translators to work on large amounts of text so that quality is preserved and delivered in a timely manner.

Every translation is double-checked for accuracy so that you receive the best service possible. All project managers will address your questions and concerns so that you retain peace of mind that everything is taken care of in a professional manner.

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How Much Does a Khmer Translation Cost?

Translations from English to Khmer is quite affordable at $ 0.17 per word. For translations from Khmer to English, the standard rate is $ 0.22. If you are a new customer or need bulk texts over 5,000 words, you may be eligible for a reduced rate. For urgent jobs that require more than one translator, there is a necessary surcharge as well.

Top Quality Translations Involving the Khmer Language

No matter the project, we have professional translators ready to get to work and provide results that contain no errors. It is common for our experts to translate contracts, studies, and birth certificate information. For these or other needs, contact us so that we can send you a no-obligation quote immediately.

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