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Translating eBooks requires both knowledge in a technical area and translation skills. We have many years of experience, coupled with appropriate human resources in both areas. Thus, we can offer high quality translation of electronic books, known as ebooks, comparable to the quality of translation our clients are accustomed to.

A Revolution on the Book Market

Tablet PCs and related electronic books revolutionized both the eworld and the publishing industry. Suddenly carrying a library in a handbag is something quite normal. Large volumes of knowledge are offered for download and electronic formats, which have replaced hard copies, facilitate easier and faster international trade. Compared to regular bookstores, the Internet allows access to a significantly larger number of potential customers.

Increase in the Demand for Translation

We experienced an increase in the demand for translations of documents in different electronic formats. Since this is a relatively new field, we would be happy to offer our clients a comprehensive consultation on the topic of ebook translation. Please contact us for more information!

Appropriate Format

There are ebooks in open and closed formats. The open formats include: EPUB, DAISY, DjVu, FictionBook, HTML, Plain Text [.txt], pdb (Plucker und TealDoc), PDF and PostScript [.ps]. These file formats present the least problems with translation, because they are easy to convert, and thus the content is quickly available for translation.

Closed formats such as, for example, .chm, .azw, .kf8, .lit, .pdb or .aeh require somewhat more extensive preparation before they can be translated. But we are happy to translate even these formats into your desired language. Upon request, we would gladly translate even more formats for you.

The only ebooks we do not translate are ebooks with sounds, as these require a sound or dubbing studio. Exceptions to this are non-language-specific sounds that can be used without any changes.

Linguistically and technically accurate translations

When it comes to technically correct ebooks or epapers translations of high linguistic quality, we are the right partner for you. We translate electronic formats in almost all languages and specialized areas. With these translations, quality is always a top priority. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Contact our local office

Our project managers worldwide will make sure that your inquiries and orders are handled promptly and without any problems. We will be happy to offer you a project-related professional consultation and find the best translator for your project. To order, please contact us by telephone or by email.

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