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A culture’s most important asset is its language, and Singapore – with its four official languages – is among the world’s most important trade, transportation, and financial hubs. Vacationers and business professionals select from the official language options of English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. Since many of Singapore’s citizens originated in the south of China, it’s no wonder that Chinese has become the most popular language next to English.

The unique dialect known as Min Nan that predominates in Singapore has stark oral and written differences from standard Mandarin. A great number of traditional businesses headquartered in Singapore use the Chinese language when corresponding with clients and business partners. These factors make professional and high quality translations more important today than ever before.

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The Chinese language – thousands of characters

Chinese is structured differently from most Western languages and must be learned in a different way. This isn’t just because of grammar or Asian pronunciation, but also due to its character-oriented writing system.

To learn Chinese usually requires many years in language school and the private study of thousands of characters. This is why we exclusively hire native Chinese speakers for the professional translation of your documents. They’re able to translate the text from a standpoint of familiarity with the cultural and linguistic landscape in Singapore. They understand the differences between Chinese spoken and written in Singapore and Chinese in other countries.

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Along with a selection of over 150 languages, we offer you comprehensive translation services. We translate medical, technical, and legal texts, and we handle the professional translation of texts in all other fields.

We also translate Singapore government-issued records and documents such as birth certificates or professional licenses into English for the USCIS.

Simply send us the text requiring translation either by email or using the request form, and we’ll respond quickly with a quote at no obligation to you.

Every translation is of the highest quality. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced project managers if you have any questions.

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