Medical/Life Sciences Translations

We work regularly with translators who have expertise in the different areas of medical science. Our strategic choice for experts ensures a consistent high quality with an unprecedented low margin of error. Our medical translations successfully pass any quality test.

We can also provide verification translations upon request (back translations to test the original translation). We can provide a certificate (sworn translation) or a statement signed by the translator for medical translation work.

Our medical translations are generally targeted toward a specialized, professional audience. However, we also translate these documents for a broader base of customers. Our medical translation specialists have extensive experience in translating the following documents and more:

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Medical/Life Sciences
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Product descriptions
  • Diagnostic documentation
  • Health care product information materials
  • Medical software
  • Medical tools
  • Brochures

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English is the most common language in this subject area. However, other languages, like Spanish, Chinese, and French, are also common. If the text is intended for a broad base of the population, you need a translation agency that is capable of translating it quickly and reliably into a number of languages. We have years of experience in multi-language medical translation projects.

Medical translators who work for us are familiar with medical terminology and work with specific translation tools that guarantee consistent terminology usage.

Our medical team includes linguists specialized in the following areas: Cardiology, surgery, dermatology, nutrition, embryology, endoscopy, physical therapy, gynecology, oral surgery and orthodontics, clinical neurophysiology, neurosurgery, neurology, oncology, optometry, orthopedics, plastic surgery, psychiatry, radiology, urology and obstetrics.

Our customers in this sector include pharmaceutical companies, government organizations, and health care facilities. It just takes a few minutes to request a no-obligation quote for the translation of your medical text or documents. Call or email us today.

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Sverige Medicinska översättningar
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Россия Медицинские переводы
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