Specialised translators

All of our translators are specialised in different subjects. They have a degree, previous work experience, or a passion for a particular subject. When we select the translator for you, we carefully analyse your text and pick the translator whose expertise matches the subject. We have specialists in practically all subjects and in more than 150 languages. The specialised translations that we most commonly provide are as follows:

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We can often translate short letters, emails, or notes on the same day and, because our translators work in the evenings and on weekends, we can even turn around a larger document quite quickly. Simply email us your text and you will receive a quotation, with our price and fastest delivery time, soon afterwards.

Financial translations

Financial texts can be quite difficult to translate well because they contain a lot of terminology that is specific to that field only. Our expert financial translators are familiar with the financial market, accounting jargon, and investment banking, so your translation will contain the correct terminology. Since the financial sector is considerably diverse, our translator database includes an expert for each (partial) discipline.

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Marketing translations

When translating brochures, adverts, or complete marketing campaigns, the translator needs to be a good writer, so that the message appeals to its target audience. A marketing translator is very different from, for example, a legal translator, as much more feeling needs to be conveyed in the language used. Our marketing translators are usually linguists with a solid literary background and a flowing writing style. Our translators live and work in the country of their native language. They know the local market, and are extremely capable of understanding your customers’ motivation. We have a vast amount of experience in translating marketing texts, brochures, scripts, press releases, product information, business plans, online advertisements, market research reports, sales promotion material, and much more. Our clients include wholesalers, advertising agencies, and international corporations.

Technical translations

User manuals, workbooks, installation manuals, source code, and html files - our expert technical translators know exactly how to handle these. They are highly educated and use databases with extensive technical terminology. They will even format the translation with the same layout as the original. With technical translations, we also use translation memories. These tools allow us to translate updates quickly and at a lower price. We translate user manuals and specifications for telephone systems, printing presses, metal-processing machines, and consumer electronics, as well as the full software development cycle.

Medical translations

We also have medical specialists in our database of professional translators. One of our clients, a medical research centre, co-ordinates global clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. We translate (into several languages) the constant flow of research reports from these clinical trials, providing a certificate of quality for each medical translation. We also translate claims that are related to doctor and hospital visits from overseas for health insurance companies, medication directions, dentistry-related texts, medical information leaflets, and much more.

Translating books and magazines: a completely different story

Different rates and delivery times apply to the translation of books, magazines, and photo captions. Contrary to standard translation projects, which require short delivery times, when it comes to translating books it takes time to achieve the ‘perfect’ translation. The translators we use for books are usually writers themselves, so are able to mimic the tone of the original book, and in a flowing style. We have translated books for adults and children, and books on gaming and fashion, as well as car and sports magazines. Ask our project managers for advice if you require a specialist for a specific topic.

Legal translations

Budgettranslations provides translations for legal documents for companies all around the world. We focus on accuracy and the correct use of specific terminology, while maintaining strict confidentiality at all times. Our legal translators handle contracts, last wills and testaments, procedures, collection documents, manuals, legal correspondence, regulations, general terms and conditions, patents, liability issues, administrative minutes, commissioner reporting, legal texts, court documents, jurisprudence, fiscal terminology, and specific notary deeds. We can arrange a sworn and legally certified translation or an apostille, when needed.

HR translations

HR matters can be quite varied, and a different type of translator is required for translating a company’s pension plan from a psychological profile following an assessment. In the HRM field, we translate personnel handbooks, pension plans, performance reviews, certificates, employment agreements, salary surveys, and annual reports, plus much more. We also frequently translate additions and changes to personnel regulations for a major cable company and several other multinational companies.

Specific translation projects

Our language portfolio currently comprises 150 languages, including Chinese. You can also contact us for less well-known languages, such as Icelandic. We have even translated marketing documents into Inuktitut for a multinational company that was eager to conquer the market in Greenland - and the project was a success. Whatever the size of the document and whatever the language, we can help you.

We recently translated more than 80,000 words (technical, as well as legal) for an aviation company. We formed a team of specialist translators for this job, and the project was successfully completed within a few days, without compromising quality.

You can also contact us for translations involving software, XML documents, source code, multilingual surveys, OCR projects, websites, and business cards.

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