Summary of languages

You can rely on our team for accurate translations into all languages. Most languages will be translated directly into the required target language; however some rare language combinations will have to be translated via a third language. For example, if a document needs to be translated from Japanese into Icelandic, it will first need to be translated into English and then into Icelandic. The reason for this is that there are virtually no translators who know both Japanese and Icelandic.

Translation pricing

Translations are generally charged per word and several factors are taken into consideration when arranging your quotation. For example, a highly-specific text covering a difficult scientific subject will cost more than a simple marketing text. Secondly, the word volume also affects the price and we are often able to offer discounts for larger volumes of text. And thirdly, time also plays an important role, with urgent translations sometimes generating a surcharge. Tip: it may cost less to choose a different target language if that works for you. For example, it can be quite expensive to translate a large Chinese or Japanese text into Spanish. However, if we translate the same text into English or German instead, it may cost only half the price. This is purely a matter of translator availability.

Instant quotation